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i can’t with these two 


and omg an elfboobie!!! 

Taecyeon and Jun.K @ 2012 2PM LIVE TOUR “What Time Is It?” - SHANGHAI 121117


So apparently Dongwoo is friend with one of Hoya’s close hyung so before he went to Woollim, that hyung had told him about Dongwoo already and he said that Dongwoo is really a ‘special’ person. But when he went to Woollim for audition and saw Dongwoo, he thought he should come to him and say hi but Dongwoo was liked scaring him to death because he was sitting alone in front of a glass table, all the while kept smiling and touching the table’s foots so Hoya was like “Why does this hyung keep smiling and touching that table ?”.

Dongwoo’s explanation for this: he said usually he had a lot of bad lucks and right when the 1st time he came to Woollim, because he was kind of bumping into the glass table and somehow ‘break’ it, he thought the bad luck would definitely came to him. Therefore in order to turn it into a good luck he thought he had to touch the table to ‘fix’ it. He smiled because he really thought doing that would bring him luck but he didnt know that smile really scared Hoya.

 72/100 gifs of Junho


cr: toptopia

★ idol breastfeeding 

Toni, Sweden (*^ー^)ノ ラブラブ音譜



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