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Because Khun decided to stop activities in Korea for now, he’ll stop in Japan too. Masquerade’s release has been postponed, and he won’t be attending「JYP NATION in Japan 2012」on August 18-19th. Everyone else is going as planned. Khun’s return date is… undetermined. They’re discussing it. Nichkhun apologized to the people in Japan who have sent him love since debut. (Referring to Khun’s earlier tweet).
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Extract from the notice at 2PM Jpn website: Taking the 5 members’ strong will “We would like to perform this song by all 6” into account, it is decided to postpone the release of the new single “Masquerade”. (Which was set to be released on August 29)
Translated by KenixNuneo

NOTE: Nichkhun won’t attend 2012 JYP Nation Concert in Korea or Fan’s Day. It is most likely that all of Nichkhun’s future schedule is being put on hold until he returns.

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